Board positions

The governing body of this Association consists of a President, President-Elect, Vice President - Communications, Vice President-Membership, Vice President-Finance, Vice President - Programs, Vice President - Special Programs, and Vice President- Governing Affairs & Secretary. A general description of responsibilities for each Board member is listed below. This governing body is charged with the day-to-day functions of SACA and dedicated to serving the membership and act within the mission of the Association.

PRESIDENT: The President shall serve as Association Chair and preside at membership meetings and Board of Directors meetings. This position is also responsible for public communications in support of the association, including interaction with WorldatWork.

  • Presides over all meetings of the membership and the Board of STXCABA.
  • Responsible for directing the overall operations of the Board.
  • Acts as liaison to WorldatWork as GPN leader, as well as, other Associations.
  • Oversees maintenance and contents of web page.
  • Oversees monthly program arrangements.
  • Oversees coordination of special programs.
  • Oversees financial information.
  • Recommends candidates for appointments to Office in the case of a vacancy.

PRESIDENT (ELECT): The job of the President Elect is to perform the duties of the President during the President's absence or temporary disability. This position also serves as a training ground for the President Elect to gain a thorough understanding of the Association in preparation for his/her year as President.

  • Learns the functions of all Board of Director positions.
  • Shadows the current President in their role.
  • Administers the Board of Director meetings in the absence of the President.

VICE PRESIDENT - COMMUNICATIONS  The VP of Communications shall coordinate marketing and promotions. Is also responsible for the coordination of all communications to the SACA membership to include but not limited to newsletters, announcements, event invitations, member surveys, etc. 

  • Coordinates and maintains STXCABA’s website.
  • Organizes and distributes correspondence to members i.e. notifications, reminder notices, e-mails.

VICE PRESIDENT- MEMBERSHIP: The VP of Membership shall coordinate membership information, membership drives, college relations, and maintain the member database.

  • Maintains membership directory information within database.
  • Coordinates annual membership renewal.
  • Identify potential members to join STXCABA.
  • Serves as a liaison for the local colleges/universities to identify possible speaking arrangements or membership within STXCABA.
VICE PRESIDENT - FINANCE: The job of the VP, Finance is to be the principal accounting and financial officer of the Association and will be responsible for the maintenance of the books of account for the Association; this job will have charge and custody of all funds and securities of the Association, and for the receipt and disbursement; shall deposit all funds and securities of the Association in such banks, trust companies or other depositories as shall be selected in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws. The duties of the Treasurer may be assigned by the Board of Directors in whole or in part.
  • Maintains/Reconciles STXCABA accounts and pays Board approved expenditures.
  • Registers attendees and collects payment at monthly meetings.
  • Processes membership/renewal payments.
  • Deposits funds on a timely basis.
  • Collects mail on a regular basis.
  • Processes invoices for non-attendees.
  • Ensures timely preparation and mailing of tax forms for IRS.

VICE PRESIDENT - PROGRAMS: The job of the VP, Programs is to plan and execute the development and coordination of all membership meetings, ensuring that program content is that of an educational nature and a benefit to our members.

  • Plans, organizes, and directs the execution of monthly STXCABA meetings.
  • Serves as focal point for STXCABA members for reservations regarding monthly meetings.
  • Provides STXCABA members an avenue for evaluation of monthly meetings and for ideas/suggestions for future meetings.
  • Supports other members of the Board as needed.

VICE PRESIDENT - SPECIAL PROGRAMS: The VP, Special Programs is responsible for coordinating the logistics for our  WorldatWork courses and seminars, ensuring that program content is that of an educational nature and a benefit to our members.

  • Maintains professional development programs to benefit membership (certification courses and training seminars).
  • Arranges and secures venue for WorldatWork courses (minimum of 3 per year).
  • Coordinates receipt of materials, distribution of materials and day(s) of event.
  • Creates and coordinates other special programs to include recognition, scholarships, etc.

VICE PRESIDENT - GOVERNING AFFAIRS & SECRETARY: The VP, Governing Affairs & Secretary is responsible for maintaining bylaws, recording meeting minutes, and supporting board members.

  • Provides STXCABA board with meeting minutes
  • Maintains STXCABA Constitution and Bylaws
  • Supports other members of the board as needed 

PRESIDENT (EMERITUS): The President Emeritus provides leadership and guidance to the Board of Directors; mentors the current President in proceedings of the association; and provides a historical perspective in the decision-making process. At the discretion of the current President, this position may or may not be filled and has no voting rights.

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